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July 09, 2008



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Patricia Vega de la Llosa y Alvarez de Toledo

Please do not learn Spanish from the Telenovelas ok that Spanish is Mexican. Learn the real Spanish from Spain.

Patricia Vega de la Llosa y Alvarez de Toledo

No one is never old to learn a new language. Our language is one of the most beautiful languages of the World. I speak Spanish and my acenstor ( part of them are from Sapin. You will like very much the Language of Cervantes. If you can read EL QUIJOTE DE LA MANCHA in English and tell me what you think.


Patricia Vega de la Llosa y Alvarez de Toledo

Tu castellano es bastante bueno.
Espero que lo puedas hablar tan bien como lo que se lee en esta web.


Patricia Vega de la Llosa y Alvarez de Toledo

Patricia Vega de la Llosa y Alvarez de Toledo

Your Spanish is pretty good.

Patricia Vega de la Llosa y Alvarez de Toledo

katie paxton

Thank you for stopping by my blog and commenting. I do hope you try rug hooking one day it is very easy, not counting and all that, like cross stitch. It is also a great way to use up wool clothing, I spent alot of time in the thrift stores but also us new wool.
Good luck on learning Spanish, should be easy for the young ones. I'm afraid I'm to old for a new language


I've long fantasized about doing a Spanish immersion course in Antigua or San Miguel de Allende... a couple of weeks of nothing but español and craft shopping in the local mercados ought to shine up that rusty high school Spanish, no? For now, there's always Destinos (part language course, part telenovela): http://www.learner.org/resources/series75.html
I haven't done it myself yet, but it sounds great and was highly recommended by Cool Tools.
Hasta mañana, Maiz


hello there, thanks for dropping by my blog! i'm happy that i stopped by yours, because i've been wanting to re-kindle my spanish as well. i took it for many many years in school. i read well, and am pretty good at listening, but when it comes to speaking i get nervous! good luck with the dress making and the spanish speaking!


when i picked zoe up at kiwi today, they were teaching the nursery kids how to count in spanish...! is that a new rotation on the schedule after 'zipline' and before 'farm'?


Sounds like a great idea, good luck.


My kids do pick up quite a bit of Spanish from Dora! I remember when Bea was quite small, I was walking a bit ahead of her and she yelled after me "espede, espede!" (wait! wait!)


Um, Dora?

That's where my daughter gets it all from it seems. Unless she's watching Telemundo when I'm not paying attention.


Espanol- I spend mucho time studying it in high school only to get rusty. Oh well, I've been taking courses on bilingualism and multiculturalism and every single thing I've read has said how excellent it is to learn a second language in elementary school as opposed to secondary education. Good luck learning the language with your kids. It is a blast to watch young children learn a language.


Is it wrong if I'm happy that they'll be out of the house for an extra twenty minutes? I'm kidding.... Or am I? I didn't realize that that's why they'd extended the day. I have to get a little more in touch with my children's schooling...


I am happy the kids will be learning Spanish in elementary school next year, but sad that the local Board of Ed voted to extend the school day by - what is it, 20 minutes? - in all grades next year in order to make room for the time to do so. If they told me they were extending the day in order for the kids to have more recess, I'd think it was a great idea. But more instructional time? Feh. Am I the only parent who thinks 6 hours is bloody enough? I haven't touched the pile of homeschooling books in a long time, but this kind of thing makes me want to drag them out again. Of course, then I would have to be the one to teach them all Spanish, and since I can't even seem to teach them how to hang up their towels, that might not be such a great idea.


Spanish is a wonderful language to learn...and so useful! Best of luck in your endeavors!

I do a decent amount of work with Spanish for my job on our web site and on our materials, and a site that has been very helpful to me is www.wordreference.com. It offers a English-Spanish dictionary, but beyond that it gives other phrases where the word can be used and how it might actually be a different word or phrase you are looking for, depending on the circumstance. There are also forums and other places to ask translation questions...very useful!

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