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August 16, 2008


Sherri/The Claw

You have beautiful daughters with beautiful names! Thanks so much for stopping by The Claw earlier, hope to see you there again soon!


Look at your absolutely gorgeous girls! I don't think I've ever seen a picture of them, at least not since they were babies.

Is it cliche to "squee?" Because indeed I think that's what I'm doing.


Stormy in august!, lol... God, since I read blogs I feel like I am in the weirdest place to live in the whole world!; lol... We haven't even had storms here neither in winter, lol... We just have bad "sand" weather but not storms, lol...


Hi - Thanks for the comment. For whatever reason I can't access your e-mail address so here's a rambling comment in response to you:

Learning to knit for me was a riot. I first learned as a little girl from my grandmother (on HUGE aluminum straight needles). That was when I was about 5 y.o. I re-learned after college from a friend who is left-handed (I'm a righty) so that has made things endlessly hilarious for me. I seem to have created my own style. Also, I am not a perfectionist, which means many of my things turn out a little 'off' but such are the nature of handmade crafts.

Knitting is also great b/c I can leave little projects scattered all over the house and pick them up when my kids settle down enough to play quietly (or I cave and put on a movie). It's not like sewing which requires me to be in a different room (and too many little hands all over my fabric stash make me feverish...haha)

Best of luck and I look forward to seeing some of your projects!


ps. The bonnet is a great pattern to work with too - you can learn some new things such as sewing seams, picking up stitches, and attaching an i-cord. I highly recommend it!

pps. Great picture - each face and expression so unique. One to treasure.


That is too funny. Every year I photoshop the best faces onto one picture to send out...is that cheating? It is impossible to get everyone looking good at once, isn't it!

Hope your next week is great.


I was tempted last year to send out a photo card that showed ... 'the process'. In other workds - 3 terrible pictures leading up to, well, the only sorta decent one. I figured most moms would laugh and totally get it. DH wasn't hip on the idea - ba hum bug.

Paper Dolls for Boys

That's the kind of photo I probably would not have sent out either but it's exactly the kind of photo I would love to get in the mail!

Hope your cranky dissipates!


Oh, that's so sweet! Wishing you some cheer - hang in there!


This is such a sweet photo, I would of used it anyway for the greeting cards, a true representation of the childs. My favourite photo of my kids it looks like they are being really sweet but it was more a face fend.

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