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September 27, 2008


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Sono assurde su questo, ma c'è sempre stato qualcosa che riguarda tuo padre che mi ha ricordato un tocco di Paul Newman, Il mio è La stangata e si adoperò per Butch Cassidy. Suppongo che circonda il suo Paul Newman nel nostro piccolo paese oggi. Egli può perdere.

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I was so sad to hear that he died. What a great loss to the world.


Niall and I just decided to each pick our favorite and watch them tonight. Mine is The Sting and he went for Butch Cassidy. I guess it's Paul Newman all around in our little town tonight. He will be missed.

Kate in NY

So don't think I am crazy on this one, but there's always been something about your Dad that reminded me a bit of Paul Newman.
I am aware that half my comments on this blog bring up the fact that I have known you (and your family) since more or less forevah. I guess it's a little bit of bloggadocio on my part. Hmmmmm.



I know I just saw this! I can't believe it. Such an icon.


Oh how sad. What a perfect movie marathon!

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