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November 17, 2008


Anna of Helylle

So exciting - quite a mystery! I hope to win anything...or at least something!

Susan (Putzfrau)

I am a big fan of everything on your list...count me in!

zakka life

sounds fun, enter me in


nice blog, first time here.
I'll be back
freddie from Rome

katie d

oooh yay please! Hope you feel better soon!

mrs. french

pick me, pick me, pick me...pleaaaaaase...xo

collette ~ all over the map

well just in time for a give-away. that's nice.
thanks for stopping by my blog.
i love your children's names.
hope you are feeling better soon. :)


I want to win! :)


Love a mystery giveaway - keeping my fingers crossed!

Hope you're feeling better soon!


Oh your giveaway sounds so, so fun! Do you think the universe will be nice to you and send the yucky bug away since you are being nice? I certainly hope so! Feel better soon!


Oh I love a good mystery. I eat lots of raw garlic and that usually kicks anything to the curb. Well I swallow slivers rather than just munch on garlic.


A mystery? I love a good mystery.

Hope you are on the mend.


Ooh! Please let it be me!! Sounds like it could be super cool! And well done for keeping up despite being sick - the show must go on hey?

alexandra hedberg

Thanks for leaving a commment on my blog. Isn't weird how those little things - like a comment - can make you feel better?

I hope you'll get well soon!


WOW! that sounds good.... very intriguing.


I hope you feel better.
I love the mystery of this!

jessica Levitt

Can't wait to see what it all it...


sorry you're still sick. hope today is better.

i also hope i win! :)


sounds intriguing!


Wow, what a great giveaway! Count me in!

I hope you are feeling better---we all just recovered from the yuck, too...


sounds mysterious! lol

Hope you are better soon. :)


Ooh! I think I like all those things! Especially things to knit with... :) Feel better soon!


Hi Alexis,

Thank you so much for introducing yourself and leaving a comment on my blog. It is so nice to meet a fellow German in blogland :). I hope you feel better soon and I'm excited about the mystery give-away. Surprises are the best!

Take care,


I love a good mystery! i happened upon ur blog from Maria Horners soup request, your soup sounds delicious, i'll have to try it soon! maybe you should have some soup now to help you feel better! =)

sherri/the claw

Ack! Something is going round. Sorry you are sick. Please enter me in the drawing and get well soon!

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