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January 06, 2009


Sudoku Print Puzzles

Wii Fit is great but it's difficult to follow a daily routine. Don't give up !


Jack Black - Who doesn't desparately need humor doses these days!
No Wii - I'm trying to just walk and dance the fat away with my IPOD

Mistress B

Wii Fit is on my birthday request list

We only got our Wii this Christmas, but I'm loving it.

The City Sage

Sounds like fun! My husband brought one home a while ago but I was never inspired to try it. Maybe it's time I did! But don't tell him it's cause of you...let's let him think the idea was all his!


Creating those Mii characters is so much fun! We don't have a Wii but we play with it at my sister's house.


I just asked Raike if we, in fact, have a balance board with our Wii Fit. He assures me we do. Hmmm...


Well, I'd have to say Jack Black, because I'm a sucker for a good laugh and he always delivers for me!
Good luck with the Wii Fit thingy. I really have no idea what it is or how it works...but I'm curious now!


Wow! The Wii fit looks wild. I am so out of the loop on this one. Have fun PLAYING!!!


Around our house no conversation ends without some mention of wii or mii or both! My kids are crazy for this stuff, in fact, I think Rock Band is doing some serious structural damage to my foundation, and my husband, of all four boys, is doing the most damage! Jack Black kills me, in a good way, so that's my vote. Happy balancing, uh I mean game playing, and thanks for stopping by the blog and leaving all the great comments!


I'm with sherri/the claw - musically Jack White kicks Jack Black's ass but just thinking about Jack Black makes me laugh and that's priceless... so - Jack Black wins for me here.

Wow - that's the most thought I've put into anything all day.

sherri/the claw

jack black/vs/jack white. good one. musically, jack white kicks jack black's ass. looks wise, jack black wins for me. white is too, well...white - pasty to be exact. jack black seems funnier than white but who knows maybe he has a great sense of humor. happy wii fitness to you!


effortlessly? i need to come to your house then. perhaps there's some sort of magic potion there.

i just ate a bunch of vegetables for dinner. woot. :|

i really really really really want a wii fit. i'm hoping for one this year. that'd be cool. so do it for me. :)


I played Wii Fit the other day and it was ridiculously fun. Seriously, I love it...now if I only had one here....

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