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February 18, 2009


Amy Saliu

I just watched him on the Today show. It was a great segment.

auntie J

Hi. Can you post every day for the rest of February, please? I can't take February, and having more KSC in my life would really cheer me up!


In the words of Michael Jackson pre-cosmetic surgery - you are not alone. I too don't share Bittman's problem of being invited to too many lavish dinners or out to dinner. HMPH!

But the eating plan does sound VERY good. I will be interested to hear how you go - I might even try it myself.

sherri/the claw

Mark Bittman is awesome. I have his how to cook everything - the only cookbook I own, I don't cook much but when I do it is a great book. DId you get my e-mail recently? trying to get ideas for your swap package...


heck alexis, i think i'll do this too. i'm a lapsed catholic, but have an abiding love of lent and easter (the holy week masses are so dramatic). anyway, i'm a fan of the vegan w/a vengeance gals - i actually made spaghetti and beanballs last week for dinner. and i was the only one who ate them. (vegan til 6 might work - or 5 in our case!)

maya | springtree road

got this book on my kindle today. ;) thanks for the tip!


Happy 301st blogiversary! And thanks for the giveaway alert, too. Sounds like an intriguing book/idea/way to eat...goodness knows I could use some help! ugh.


I don't think I could make it til 6 without cheese. In fact, just reading this post made me decide to have cheese pizza for dinner. Thank god it's 6:01. This of course means I'll have cold cheese pizza for breakfast. I'm a little conflicted about it, though... I, too, have undying love for The Minimalist.


What an interesting idea. I think I could do that for Lent. I always give up sugar, since I have a mad sweet tooth. This could be a nice addition to the sugarless days.


That diet makes sense, although I'd flip the meat into lunch and do the grains/veggies for breakfast and lunch. I'm pretty close to that anyway.


This sounds interesting. I'll have to check it out and keep us posted on your progress. Oh, I wish I had more willpower!

alexandra hedberg

I tried being vegetarian for a year once. In the end I dreamed I was hunting and eating animal's flesh raw and warm. So I went back to eating fish and meat. Not every day. My partner doesn't eat meat so I don't get meat that often though.

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