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April 26, 2009



dang it and i thought i had thought up something new..... who cares? its good.

The City Sage

Oh my goodness gracious! Bacon, melted cheese, pizza crust? Could this possibly get any better? Next time I host a brunch, I'm SO going to try this!


Oh Yum!

Paper Dolls for Boys

That looks so damn tasty. We have an egg allergy in our house and this is one of those times it's a bummer!!!
Eat once twice a month next month, one for me. :)

Grandma Jen says:

I'm not sure I agree with Natalie's husband about egg on hamburger, but as a general rule anything is better with egg. For breakfast I often put a fried egg on spinach pancakes, fried tofu, whatever. And just think about the joys of huevos ranchero--one of my big favorites.

I was just looking at the photos of the dazzling diva Miss India Jane and thinking how much she looks like Alexis!

Linn Woodard

Ooh, Alexis, this looks tasty! I've been making eggs in a hole in toast for breakfast lately. So yummy and quick.


This idea haunts me.

Chocolate and Steel

oh man! That sounds delicious. I like the idea of a cinnamon buttered pizza:)

One Mom

Pizza for breakfast..or lunch...or dinner...fresh or leftover, anyway we can get it...your picture looks great, by the way...I'm salivating!

Strangely enough I wrote on grilled flatbread (posting Thursday) that we have fallen in love with ...


YUM! I really am feeling hunger pangs. Pizza, even bad pizza is an all-time favorite around here. Next time try the grill, it makes the dough incredible.

Grill one side first, sans toppings, then flip grilled side down, add toppings and in a matter of a few short minutes, small golden-winged angels will descend from the heavens and sing, I promise! ;0)

p.s.-when the pizza looks that good, I don't think styling is an issue!

Anna of Helylle

Americans know how to make breakfast, I knew that. But breakfast pizza? You're a genious! And now you made me long for breakfast, or an evening snack, or pizza...


omg. stop. STOP! you're hurting me! ouch!


Mmmmm..we're going to have to try this. We've got a very serious and incurable pizza addiction around here.


Maybe some rocket or baby spinach? Mmm. Delish!


Mozzarella for breakfast? I'm in!


Did you forget my phone number? We had no breakfast plans over here and would have loved breakfast pizza.


My husband wants to put an egg on top of everything. Hamburgers, pizza, you name it. Your breakfast looks yummy. Now I am hungry.


Pizza dough topped with thinly sliced pears and sprinkled with gorgonzola... mmmmmm.... so easy, the perfect breakfast pizza!


We're crazy for homemade pizza too--at least once a week! Our current favorite is asparagus white pizza. I even took a picture of mine last night for the blog (we finally have enough evening light for a bit of food photography!)...And I actually do have recipes for roasted fruit pizzas if you ever need one--mmm! K x

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