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May 19, 2009



Can you stamp with one hand? Hmmm. It might be my craft of choice for the next few weeks. Thanks for the idea!


Those are cute! And they certainly count as crafts in my book...


That TOTALLY counts as crafting and a craft post.


I feel your pain, we are not spending either and it makes everything look better.


Those stamps are fun, fun fun! Cute moleskins.

It is suddenly clear to me why I have a hard time getting rid of the wanties. No garden to weed! :) Hang in there. Don't look at etsy. Oh, it is so inevitably tempting!!!


Love stamps. So much fun with fast satisfaction.

Here is a eraser stamp tutorial
You could make your own! That has got to be a money saver. Plus a whole lotta fun.


I just saw this post:
and put all of these things on my wish list!

I am so with you, sister, on the spending freeze and wanties. Here's the story of my financial life before and after kids: "La, la, la... OOPS!" I'm not sure if it was a good thing that I got to be so self-indulgent in my pre-kids days, or not. Those trips to Paris, etc. were fab, weren't they? I keep telling myself that it was all worth it because I am such a worldly mama now (hah)!

Now, my wanties are focused on ridiculous things, like felt, yarn and rubber stamp making supplies! And it would be nice to be able to hire a frickin' babysitter sometimes! Massages, fine dining, spontaneous international travel... we'll have those things again someday, right?

Hang in there and grow veggies!




Tarry Lodge is GREAT, and not too pricey...you could have a nice not too expensive meal with some disciplined ordering. And my MIL Wendy has seen children there (on the early side) eating their amazing pizza.

A Thrifty Mrs

Those stamps are so cute.


I like stamps, too, but if I add one more "hobby" to my repertoire I think I'll have to be committed to the nearest psych ward. (!) You stamp away and I'll admire from afar...and good luck ridding yourself of the wanties. If you find a good cure be sure and let me know!


Stamps are sooo much fun! I love buying them too. :) Have a lovely merry happy day!

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